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Injured Workers Support Network

Injured Workers Support Network

The Injured Workers Support Network (IWSN) is a not-for-profit community organisation whose prime purpose is to assist and support workers who have sustained work related injuries & disabilities.

We seek to:

Provide and share information and experiences about the workers compensation system and the rights of injured & disables Workers Health

Form networks between injured workers and other organisations that have similar aims and objectives

Assist and encourage injured workers to establish links within their local community health system, government departments, organisations and other individual support groups who can assist injured workers.

Advocate with and on behalf of injured and disabled workers for a fairer workers compensation system.

We do this through our local networks throughout NSW, our helpline and our website.

Why are we collecting funds?

The needs of injured workers are great, we are only scratching the surface of the support they need to cope with their recovery and/or adaption to life with an acquired injury.

We are reliant on donations to fund our current staff member and our local networks.

With your help we can expand our support to injured workers and their families.

We want to be able to offer holistic support to the injured workers of NSW and the commonwealth by:

Expanding our advocacy services, to include personal advocacy with insurers and support persons to attend meetings with injured workers.

Expanding our local networks to all parts of NSW

Expanding our resources for injured workers

And provide greater support to the families of injured workers

We also seek your help to continue our campaign for a fairer workers compensation system. One that removes workers compensation from the political arena and has the health and support of injured workers and their families at its heart.

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7 Crown Street

(02) 9749 7566

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