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INSIGHT- Educate for Equality Inc.

The Waanki Gopo School Project

INSIGHT Educate for Equality is a Melbourne based volunteer run not-for-profit organisation with a VISION of a world where every child and every community has access to quality education and the opportunities that this creates.

We partner with local organisations through funding and project managing community projects to provide educational opportunities for young people, and help end the cycle of extreme poverty for themselves, their families, and their entire village.

We are committed to ending the cycle of extreme poverty and inequality and to working with communities to create a world where opportunity and access to education is not determined by:
  • Where and when you are born or,
  • The wealth of individuals, families and communities
We are all volunteers and are a group of people from different backgrounds, ages, walks of life, different educational backgrounds and professions determined to work together towards one common goal. We have a 'DREAM TEAM'.

Our Waanki Gopo School Project

For many years Ethiopia has been a nation synonymous with famine, drought and hardship, defined by harrowing images and news headlines broadcast on televisions screens all over the globe. As one of the poorest countries in the world, it has a very high rate of illiteracy and access to quality education, particularly outside the urban centres, is limited. Continued political instability and tension within the country and more broadly in the Horn of Africa creates fear and insecurity particularly for rural communities.

Waanki Gopo is a rural village located in Western Wollega in Oromia. In collaboration with our in country partners, INSIGHT hopes to raise funds to deliver relevant holistic community development projects that promote quality education.

INSIGHT is currently working on the following projects:
  • Scholarship Program
  • Water and Sanitation Project
  • School Building Project
We all know that the young people of today shape the world of tomorrow and that primary education helps poor children break out of poverty, yet 121 million children globally - 65 million of which are girls - are not in school. INSIGHT needs your support to change this current reality.

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