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International Programming Fund



Our International Programming Fund donation levels:


Happy Hitch Hikers - cover transport costs of artists to and from airports


Taragos-A-Go-Go - cover travel between festival within Australia


Champagne & Limousines - cover venue hire costs for a nights performance


Miles High Club - cover the flight of an international artist


Cultural Cosmonauts - cover the logistics cost of transporting sets and costumes



The national and international profile of the Sydney Fringe has rapidly grown over the past three years under the direction of Kerri Glasscock. As a member of the World Fringe Network the Sydney Fringe is now globally recognized for its unique model, game changing activations and pilot projects that drive lasting change for creatives in the city. 

Over the past three years we have welcomed representatives from Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, NZ Fringe, Darwin Fringe, Brighton Fringe and San Diego Fringe to our festival, and our Festival Director has travelled across the globe to build international relationships and touring opportunities on the international fringe circuit.

Each year we are welcoming more travelling artists to the festival and our local artists are increasingly taking their work beyond our festival with touring partnerships now established between NZ Fringe, Stockholm Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and regionally with Critical Stages.  

There are now opportunities to partner with a premier Edinburgh Fringe venue which would significantly raise the profile of our festival.

Despite these incredible partnerships Sydney Fringe still faces a number of hurdles that limit artists’ abilities to bring work from other festivals Internationally to our shores.  These are mainly based on timing and geography.  To overcome these we are looking to start a new August/September/October touring circuit option for international acts to help artists get their work here.  This partnership would be in association with Festivals in Melbourne and Brisbane to provide 6-12 weeks of potential revenue taking the gamble out of Artists coming here.

Our International Programming Fund will kickstart this vision and enable the Sydney Fringe to handpick a selection of artists, companies and shows to bring their work here and highlight the possibilities to other international artists.  The fund will primarily cover transport and logistical costs which will allow artists and organisations to not be so heavily indebted and exposed to risk before they even begin to sell tickets to recoup costs.  

This fund is as much about aligning our Sydney Fringe Festival with great international artists as it is with inspiring our local artists to compete on the world stage.  With your help we hope to bring work to Sydney that is truly innovative, memorable, emotive, impacting and revealing, that will inspire our own artists to take their practice to the next level.  For every dollar given to our International Programming Fund we are working tirelessly behind the scenes to match this investment with Government funding to send NSW artists and locally produced work to other fringe festivals across the world.  This is the start of a brilliant, border breaking creative eco system.

We are seeking to raise $30,000 before the 31st July 2017, we kicked off with a fantastic launch on the 12th May and are already 10% of the way there! So please spread the word wide and far, give as generously as you can and help us help International artists make the voyage over.


Acknowledgement and thanks 

All donors over $200 will become part of our Donors Program and be acknowledged on our website, at the launch of donor funded shows and in our printed program. For more information, visit 

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Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.