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The Eating Issues Centre

Love Your Body Day Appeal


Supporting Positive Body Image - The Eating Issues Centre FUNDRAISING

Brisbane - ongoing campaign, started in 2013


Join the Body Image Revolution!

Together we can create a culture of body acceptance, where "yoyo" dieting and body criticism is a thing of the past and diversity acceptance and self-love is the norm.

What are we aiming to do?

  • Raise community awareness of The Eating Issues Centre (TEIC);
  • Fundraise via "Friends of TEIC", TEIC Facebook page & other social media;
  • To raise understanding of importance of shifting the culture of dieting and body criticism to one of acceptance of body diversity and "Fat Chat Free" work and school environments in order to create a Body Image Revolution;
  • Reduce shame and increase compassion for people with body image and eating issues and increased understanding for the complexity of issues contributing to these mental and physical health issue

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89 Sherwood Road

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.