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Around one in twelve children in Australia have a disability. About half of these children are profoundly affected in their ability to undertake basic day-to-day activities. In the early years of life, children with physical disabilities often struggle to achieve basic development goals such as rolling, sitting, crawling and taking those ever-so-important first steps.

Paediatric therapy services can have a profound impact of a child's ability to develop and function in everyday life.

The Joanne Tubb Foundation was founded by family and friends of Joanne 'Jo' Tubb. She was a beautiful, vibrant young woman that had a profound impact on hundreds of children and their families through her work as a paediatric physiotherapist. Her passion for life helped transform the lives of the many children she treated. To acknowledge her admirable contribution to this field, the Joanne Tubb Foundation was established. The foundation will aim to continue on her legacy through the promotion and support of skill development in paediatric services, such as physiotherapy.

Why are we collecting funds?

By supporting and promoting the training of health professionals working with children we hope to improve the well-being of children, in particular the clinical management of infant, child and adolescent patients.

The mission of the Joanne Tubb Foundation:
  • To promote skill development and advanced training of health professionals  working with children.
  • To support the development of services for children with physical and functional disabilities.
  • To increase awareness of the importance of a child's mobility, independence and function.

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The Joanne Tubb Foundation C/- DNM Group Suite 3, 21 Vale St

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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