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Point to Point to Pinnacle


On 14 November Jack will depart Georgetown, Tasmania in his runnning chair being pushed by his support team of 2. Jack will complete a marathon 6 days in a row arriving in Hobart on Friday 19 November. On Sunday 21 November Jack will join the rest of the Just Like Jack crew and together they will complete the worlds toughest half marathon, the Point to Pinnacle.

Day 1 Hospital Point Georgetown - Royal Park Launceston (50 km)

Day 2 Royal Park Launceston - Epping Forest (45 km)

Day 3 Epping Forest - Ross (35 km)

Day 4 Ross - Oatlands (36 km)

Day 5 Oatlands - Bagdad (44 km)

Day 6 Baghdad - Wrest Point Casino (42 km)

Day 8  Point to Pinnacle

Funds raised go to Just Like Jack allowing children with disabilities and their families to have adventures and get the most out of life.


$26,511 raised so far

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