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Create Change with Small Change this Christmas

True story; YOUR gift will help US keep telling the stories YOU Love. YOUR gift will help US and our community to grow.

This year JUTE Theatre Company celebrated its 25th Anniversary – a remarkable achievement encompassing many successes, not the least of which was creating, producing and presenting 100+ plays performed on stages across Cairns, from the tip to the toe of Queensland and Australia wide.

With Christmas approaching, you, as a member of Far North Queensland’s community, have a special opportunity to Give.

We invite you to support JUTE Theatre Company in its mission to show and tell the real stories of regional Australia.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it…..

As a former member of JUTE’s Board, Cairns business owner, Helen Simpson of Just The Man Handyman was fortunate to gain an insight into the workings of a regional theatre company and experience its many and various achievements.

Thoroughly impressed by JUTE’s resourcefulness, innovation and hard work, Helen sought ways in which she could personally support the theatre company.

In Helen’s words, “I decided to donate a small amount each month to their giving program knowing that this would be kindly matched dollar for dollar by the Federal Government program, Creative Partnerships Australia.

“Funding for the arts, and regional theatre in particular, is under extreme pressure with Government and corporate funding shrinking all the time.

The push to commercialise the arts is not feasible in regional Australia with the smaller population base and huge logistical costs to cover. It is companies such as JUTE that keep the stories of regional Australia alive. Who else is there to tell our stories?

The metropolitan population has no idea of our lives, history and diverse culture. It is up to us to offer them an engaging form of education, to keep our communities in front of the national face. JUTE does this with courage, humour and perseverance.”


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