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Kingfisher Adult Learning Programs (KALP) is known for its great sense of community, innovation and quality of care for young adults with severe intellectual disabilities and challenging behaviours. We are committed providing the best possible future for them.

Government funding has declined in real terms while costs, wages and participant needs have increased markedly. We are a young service with no reserves, and are really feeling the pinch. Our whole community - participants, families, friends, staff, volunteers and supporters - want a strong viable service that will operate long in to the future. While our community works on ways of ensuring its longevity such as setting up a small business that will help fund KALP's services, and increasing our community and corporate fundraising, we need help to keep us going in the meantime. We want to take responsibility for our future - you can help us do that!

How will the funds be used?

They will help us meet basic and essential costs for the next six months.

Key areas of expenditure

Program development - We not only want to give excellent care to our participants, but we want them to lead a full life. Our creative weekly program of activities allows them to participate and contribute to the wider community, and to have fun!

Building repairs and maintenance - our building is hot in summer, cold in winter, draughty and floods when it rains! We have made some improvements, and are severely constrained in making any more right now. Even basic building maintenance is beyond our current resources.

Staff training & development - we currently have no budget for training at all, and our staff is passionate and desperate to update and develop new skills to help them meet the increasingly complex needs of our participants and families.

Seed money for a small business - we have plans to develop a successful social business to ensure our sustainability in the future, and to develop the skills of the KALP community. However we need seed funding for research, planning and set up.

Contact Details

46 School Road

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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