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KHS Archive Digitisation Program Continuation Appeal


Are you a philanthropist who loves history (1 in a 1000? :^)

The Kununurra Museum is a haven for visitors to the town, as well as many local WA-NT Aboriginal people who have been assisted and benefit from research undertaken for KHS and shared that which often shows their ancestors in documentation and in photographs, which brings amazement and joy. Read more on the KHS website about the volunteer hours noted in, and to see, the Royal WA Historical Society's 2016 Historical Society of the Year Award awarded to the Kununurra Historical Society at the RWAHS State History Conference last year.

Please GiveNow to further the work of the Kununurra Historical Society, as we face a crisis situation and may soon be forced to cease all operations carried out in actively collecting, documenting, digitising conserving and preserving the KHS archive and Kununurra Museum collections, and close the Kununurra Museum.

These collections, which are growing by over 100 new archives every year, are of Local, Regional, State and National Significance, and this has been achieved by 'actively collecting'.

We need to find the funding for a paid position to continue the valuable work being done for this local collection, so we are asking local businesses, or if part of this history, past and present residents to please GiveNow!...

KHS Crowd-sourced Genuine 1,000

As it is highly improbable that large philanthropic donations will be forthcoming, and that State and Federal Government funding for heritage generally has been slashed, while the Kununurra Museum is not party to any WA Museum funding, and in spite of our isolation (3,000+km from Perth and 800+km from Darwin), KHS must attempt to crowd-source our own funding, by genuine people, and the hope and aim is for KHS to find 1000 wonderful donors. So if you are a part of this history, past and present residents, or even if you have just visited and were impressed with the Kununurra Museum, you can support this work to continue.

WANTED! 1,000 Philanthropic History Lovers (to Support future KHS Work :^)

If we had 1000 donors and each could donate just $50 per year (less than $1 per week), this would be more than enough to provide a paid position for carrying out all work for the Society on the archival collections, continue an active collection policy and keep the Kununurra Museum open.

If you can afford to assist in preserving more history, your donation would be greatly appreciated (and tax deductible as KHS is a DGR :^) and you would be assisting and part of efforts to continue supporting the important work being done by KHS to actively collect and preserve a local history research repository.

GiveNow on this funding page to ensure the continuation of the important work that has been done by KHS for the past, present and future residents and visitors to the town of Kununurra and in making our collections accessible to all from anywhere in the world.

How will the funds be used?

The funds will be used to provide a paid position, to continue actively collecting and making more archival photographs and records accessible to all and most importantly to keep the Kununurra Museum open and engaging the public with KHS online collections.

Key areas of expenditure

Establishment of a useful start-up funding-pool to ensure that in future, funds will be available for the continuation of actively collecting, conserving, preserving and digitising KHS collections and running the Kununurra Museum, in the form of providing a paid position.

We hope from what you have seen of our online presence to date, that you believe KHS to be a worthy cause and that you would be part of assisting this great work to continue and increase. We encourage you to sign up to GiveNow from where you can keep track of all of your donations, (and we get to know you are 1 of the 1,000 we need - for just $50 a year! - TIA! :^)

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.