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Will Kinfolk Survive?..........Help us turn 10 this year

It surely has been a tough year, the hardest we have experienced at Kinfolk.  We are all feeling a lot at the moment but thankfully we can find comfort in the fact that we are all going through tough times together.  The public response to COVID-19 has demonstrated some of the worst in human behaviour, but as I have experienced with our staff, volunteers and loving community members, it has also demonstrated some of the very best.

At Kinfolk, we are on the brink of imminent closure. 

As an organisation that donates profits and receives very little donations, we rely on income from trade to operate.  Trade across our business has tanked, with some categories dropping by up to 80%.

As a result, we have this week let go 20 casual staff, many of them have lost all their employment.  The remaining staff in permanent positions have been making job share arrangements to fill the remaining positions and to try and ensure that as few of them as possible are made redundant.

Several team members are taking leave without pay and are offering to volunteer time for the immediate future as we establish if Kinfolk can sustain this impact.  At this stage many of us are hopeful, but also find ourselves wishing for some miracles.

We started 2020 wondering how we would celebrate our 10th birthday on May 25th.  There is so much to celebrate.  More than 1,000 volunteers have come through our training program and the inclusive experience, friendships and connections have been life changing for us all.  We have grown from humble beginnings, launching the business for less than $10,000 with the help of hundreds of volunteers and donations from the community to crowdfunding multiple expansions and growth of both the business and our social impact.  We have seen so many marginalised members of the community thrive in our training program and go on to gain paid employment.  How proud we are of all these achievements.

Last week we were planning celebrations, this week we are fighting for the survival of our organisation. Thankfully the positivity, hopefulness and ingenuity of many of our community members has turned this frown, somewhat, upside down as we labour on, together, holding back the pain for now, to give it a big shot.

Kinfolk and Sibling are now a week by week proposition.  What happens in the coming weeks will determine if we survive to turn 10 on May 25th.

Please help us raise the necessary funds to support our existence through this period of hibernation.



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