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Launchpad Youth Community Inc

Launchpad Youth Community - Enhancing young people's capaci

Launchpad Youth Community!

We are a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide opportunities and capacity to young people so they can participate, engage and belong in the community.

We aim to do this by assisting young people to achieve, build their skills, knowledge and confidence to live within the community and pursue their hopes and dreams.

Launchpad works with young people, and their families across the wider Inner West sydney region.

An investment in Young People is an important one.

Your investment reaches young people of all backgrounds and circumstances across the Launchpad Community.

Investing in young people makes moral sense, by preventing young people from becoming homeless or being able to fully participate and be part of the community, it also makes economic sense when you take into consideration the reduced impacts on the health, justice, and homelessness systems.

There are a number of ways an investment will support young people and enhance their opportunities, including:
  • Assisting young people with the costs of school and or employment
  • Giving the young person, who might not otherwise be able, to learn to drive and gain a licence
  • Assisting with Launchpad recreational and other positive activites that we provide to young people
  • Assisting young people in gaining access to cultural and other great events that they might not normally be able to access
  • Assisting a young person's social enterprise idea or large idea
Launchpad is a Public Benevolent Institution with charitable status.

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PO Box 23

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.