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Law Access Ltd

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Our mission is to relieve disadvantage through pro bono legal assistance.

Our vision is to achieve equal access to justice. 

Why are we collecting funds?

Co-ordinating the delivery of pro bono legal services is resource-intensive.  Raising funds is essential to enhancing the operation of Law Access and ensuring our sustainability as we are experiencing growing numbers of applications.

By donating to Law Access Ltd you will be assisting in bringing together trained legal professionals with the ability to help those in the community who most need it. People such as:

  • A victim of long term domestic violence who had no assets in her name after she fled the marital home with her children. The ex-husband refused to enter into discussions about property settlement, using threats of violent retribution. Pro bono lawyers helped to pursue a property settlement.
  • An elderly homeless person who was entitled to receive a small but significant inheritance but was unable to administer the estate, preventing the release of the funds. Pro bono lawyers helped the client to secure the release of the funds.
  • A worker on a temporary visa who was the victim of serious sexual harassment by her employer and was underpaid, before being dismissed without notice. A pro bono lawyer provided legal assistance.
  • Two Not for Profit organisations that provide assistance to financially disadvantaged members of the community agreed to merge. Pro bono lawyers provided them with advice and assistance to enable a smooth transition.

 How can you help?

Our pro bono lawyers donate many hours of their time to help disadvantaged clients.

Can you donate the equivalent of an hour of your paid time to LawAccess? 

You can choose to make a one-off donation now or become one of our regular donors.

Your donation will help Law Access to do more to improve access to justice in Western Australia.

What do we do?

Law Access assists some of the most vulnerable people in WA, who would otherwise be unable to obtain legal assistance.

We receive requests for assistance from all over the State, and in all areas of the law, and match those who will most benefit from legal assistance, with lawyers willing to provide pro bono assistance.

Our service is targeted at not-for-profits and individuals in genuine need of legal assistance who satisfy our means and merits test.

Law Access also advises unsuccessful applicants why their matter has not been able to be referred. This assists applicants to better understand their rights and helps minimise costly self-representation.

Law Access allows scarce pro bono resources to be utilised in the most effective way possible, benefiting both applicants and the legal profession.

A tax deductible donation to Law Access is a practical way to support access to justice.

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PO Box Z5345
PERTH WA, 6830

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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