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Learning the Ropes: Project with Circus Kathmandu


Circus Kathmandu - Empowering change

In 2010 thirteen young Nepalese people who had been rescued from trafficking and the streets turned to contemporary circus to build their self-esteem and to chart a path out of stigmatism and poverty.

Women's Circus will be partnering with Circus Kathmandu across two years to support the development of their creative practice and their capacity to develop as an independant contemporary circus. 

In early November 2017 Women's Circus trainers Christy Flaws and Sal Frances along with Executive Director Devon Taylor will travel to Kathmandu for two weeks to deliver a series of workshops and development sessions. Circus Kathmandu will also invite Women's Circus staff to attend and help deliver workshops using Circus Kathmandu social circus techniques via their outreach programme, Sapana.

In May 2018, Circus Kathmandu will send two of their female ensemble members and their Creative Director to participate in Women's Circus Artist Residency program 'A Room of One's Own'. These two weeks will be dedicated to further exploration with Women's Circus Creative Projects Director Penelope Bartlau around themes of isolation, sexualisation, commodification and cultural privilege. Women’s Circus will invite young women from their membership, the Nepalese community, and the Western suburbs of Melbourne to participate and engage in a series of open rehearsals during the residency. The residency will culminate in a public sharing of the enquiry at Women's Circus. 

Donate now and become a part of the solution. Help young people turn their lives around.

Through social circus and anti-trafficking workshops thousands of Nepali children and families are being saved from human trafficking.


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