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Leo escapes from the lab

Our 'poster boy' Leo, is an ex-laboratory cat who has found a forever home. He has won the heart of all our supporters and serves as an ambassador for all those animals remaining in laboratories around Australia.

Whilst around 6-7 million animals are used in Australia for research purposes every year, Leo provides a face to those statistics.

Leo already has his own Facebook page and plush toy Leo's are available for sale through HRA. We now want to take his plight further afield and let younger audiences become aware of the unethical use of animals in research.

We are seeking funding to print and distribute "Leo escapes from the lab" a children's book telling his unique story.

All profits raised from the sale of the books will go toward HRA's work to end animal experiments.

A copy of the book can be seen (and purchased as a print-to-order) at:

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