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LGBTIQ Legal Service


Who we are 

A partnership between St Kilda Legal Service and Thorne Harbour Health, the LGBTIQ Legal Service is Victoria’s only free legal support program for the LGBTIQ community. For the last two years, we have provided complimentary legal information, advice and assistance to the in-need and disadvantaged members of our community. 

What we do

Members of the LGBTIQ community often have complex and unique legal needs and face difficulties in accessing resources to seek justice. We are here to help. 

The LGBTIQ Legal Service assists clients with everyday legal problems including discrimination, criminal law, change of name issues, unfair dismissal, Centrelink and NDIS appeals, family violence and evictions. 

We provide Thorne Harbour Health (formally the Victorian Aids Council) clients with highly accessible and supported legal services. We also provide referrals to private law firms, health services and housing organisations that have expressed a desire to offer safe and inclusive services to the LGBTIQ community.

Additionally, we have produced a statewide LGBTIQ Community Legal Needs Analysis: the first to be delivered in over 10 years. The Analysis is designed to raise the profile of legal need experienced by LGBTIQ communities, and inform Victorian policy makers in order to create long-lasting changes to the legal system.

We need your help

The LGBTIQ Legal Service is a pilot project kindly funded by one-off grants from the Victoria Law Foundation, Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne. Current funding runs out in July 2020. In order to continue our vital work in the community, ongoing financial support is essential. 

If you believe in the services we provide and want to ensure continued legal support and advocacy for in-need LGBTIQ people living in Victoria, please donate today. With every dollar you can spare, you are helping improve the life of a disadvantaged LGBTIQ community member - thank you! 

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.