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3MDR Mountain District Radio

Live Music & Studio 2 at 3MDR


We are absolutely blown away by the super generous support we have received for our Live Music Performance fundraiser… Which has now exceeded our target amount of $3000 in only one week!!

So, we are broadening the scope of the campaign to include getting Studio 2 on air!!

The main job that needs doing is to rewire and refurbish our second broadcast panel, which needs a fair bit of TLC after 18 years of work at our old Emerald studios.

We also have some fancy on air lights, clocks and switches to wire in and our beloved turntables need a bit of attention too.

We are inspired by all of you to be ambitious with our fundraising goal… So we’re going to aim for $5000 for this part of the campaign, which is an overall target amount of $8000.

We look forward to coming to you live from Studio 2 this year!!


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