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The Avalon Centre has been operating for 30 years and is run entirely by volunteers.  For the past 10 years, the Centre has supported the homeless through the distribution of clothes, bedding, shoes, toiletries etc. Avalon is now running The Lone Ride for the Homeless, a solo, unsupported 11,000 km bicycle ride from Melbourne via Uluru to Albany and back to Melbourne.  The homelessness crisis in Australia seems daunting and a long, hard road to travel. However, every journey begins with the first step, or in this case, turn of the wheels. Avalon’s goal is to raise funds to buy a home, providing term accommodation and support to the homeless.  This will enable a homeless family or group of people to break the homeless cycle.

Avalon Centre volunteer, Tim Taylor, is embarking on this mammoth 5-month journey to support the cause and create awareness of homelessness.  It will be a gruelling trip, without on ground support. Tim will no doubt experience loneliness, sleeping rough, hunger, thirst, and lack of family comforts which is reflective of the long lonely road that homeless people often face in getting their lives back on track.

Homelessness awareness and engagement is vital to the success of this fund-raising campaign. There are more than a 100,000 people who are homeless in Australia, and about 23,000 of them in Victoria – living on the street, in tents, crisis accommodation, temporary and severely overcrowded lodgings. The lack of stability in the homeless exacerbates mental and physical health as well as substance abuse problems, leading to a diminishing quality of life.

There are successful programs in Finland and the UK, where long-term accommodation is the first step to reducing homelessness and improving the chance of survival for the homeless. The support doesn’t stop at just providing a home. Once housed, social and practical skills such as cooking and cleaning and also skills to support their involvement in the community are offered. This helps people readjust to a life under a roof with responsibilities and possibly to seek employment. This is what Avalon intends to replicate.

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