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Macquarie Group Runners for Lotus Outreach

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Macquarie Group City to Surf participants, Joanna and Marina, are helping to address global poverty by raising money to educate girls. This is the proven way to help communities living in dire poverty.

All funds raised will go directly to Lotus Outreach Australia's well-established programs that help vulnerable Cambodian girls access education.

Your tax-deductible donations will help these girls gain independence, find meaningful jobs and create sustainable lives for them and their families.

Lotus Outreach's programs play a vital role in preventing child labour, child sex trafficking and sex slavery.

Although it's one of Australia's closest neighbours, Cambodia is also one of the poorest countries in Asia. More than a third of Cambodian people live below the poverty live, surviving on less than $1 a day. Poverty leads many families to take their girls out of school to go to work. This work is often unsafe - labouring in factories, fields or building sites - and can be a portal to the brutal sex industry.

Please help us to change this situation - we can do it, girl by girl, with your help.

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