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Mount Alexander Sustainability Group

Mount Alexander Community Renewables (macR)

Mount Alexander Community Renewables is a community-based project run by the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group. We are seeking to establish a locally owned and operated wind farm. We are planning for a small wind farm that generates green power, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and contributes financial resources back to the community.

Currently we are gathering community interest and seeking an appropriate site.

We expect that a viable community wind farm in our shire would consist of at least two, 2 megawatt (MW) turbines. This would power over 2,000 local homes, meeting one third of the shire's household electricity needs. It would reduce our Shire's annual greenhouse emissions by 18,000 tonnes, reducing emissions from electricity generation for the shire by 15%.

Your donation at this stage in the project will help us:
  • continue to pay a project officer to coordinate the project
  • perform the necessary studies to determine an appropriate and efficient site, ready to put up a wind monitoring tower
  • host neighbourhood meetings and continue community engagement so as to progress the project in a way that is accountable and beneficial to the community
  • support us to develop a detailed 5-year project strategy, including short, medium and long term fundraising plans.

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