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Hope worldwide (Australia)

Limited HOPE Medical Fund PNG & Fiji


This will support HOPE employees, directors or volunteers with a close and long standing connection to HOPE worldwide and its activities in Papua New Guinea and/or Fiji who are sick and in need of funds to pay for essential medical treatment that will treat or prevent serious illness or death where cost is not afforded by the person and/or family of the sick person. The amount of funds released will be based on need (i.e medical costs not able to be afforded) and the amount of donations made to the fund. Where donors have specified a named beneficiary meeting the above criteria all the donated funds will be allocated to this beneficiary unless the donated amount is in excess of what is needed. In this case, funds will be left for future beneficiaries. This fund will be limited to less than 10% of the total funds contributed to HOPE worldwide Australia Ltd in any given financial year. Beneficiary details will be added below on request. 

  • Eileen, in Papua New Guinea. Details: she has served on HOPE PNG Board as Chair for many years and is passionate about faith and service. She is currently fighting ovarian cancer and the family is raising funds for her to go to the Philippines. She has hosted a lot of volunteers from Australia and New Zealand over the years. Additional funds required: $6-8000

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