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Melbourne Insight Meditation Group- Retreat Scholarship Fund

Melbourne Insight Meditation Group Inc

Melbourne Insight Meditation Group is a community of meditators run by volunteers, introducing new practitioners to insight meditation and supporting those who are sincere in deepening their practice, as well as building and strengthening the community.

What we offer

A programme of weekly meditation sits with visiting teachers, regular workshops and retreats and a community for exploring the application of authentic Buddhist teachings in our lives. Everything is offered on not-for-profit basis with dana (gift) for the teachers.

We sit in the Theravada tradition of Insight (Vipassana) Meditation, which emphasises direct experience through the practice of meditation. The practice is based on Buddhist techniques for meditation, without purporting any beliefs, rather offering an invitation to inquire with intimacy into life here and now.

How you can participate

Whether you are a member of our community or someone inspired by what is offered, you can make a significant difference.

Retreat Scholarship Fund: Since 2009 senior teachers have been offering retreats in Victoria and we have seen how individuals are flourishing with this deepening of practice. We make every effort to keep the costs of retreats low, though for some any extra spending is a challenge.

In the spirit of making the teachings available to sincere practitioners, we have established a Retreat Scholarship Fund. With a 50% scholarship instead of the cost being $500 the retreatant would only need to pay $250. We aim to raise $1,000 annually to support two 50% scholarships and five 20% scholarships.

If you have been on retreat with one of the insight meditation teachers, you will probably be aware of what a rich treasure is being offered.

Every contribution is greatly appreciated by the retreatants and a wonderful way to participate in the heart practice of generosity.

Enjoy the giving!

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