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A memorial planting in honour of Barrie Oldfield OAM

A memorial planting in honour of Barrie's Oldfield OAM

Guildford Meadows will be planted this winter in honour of Barrie Oldfield OAM. The 17-hectare site situated within the boundaries of Whiteman Park will be host to 15,000 seedlings.

This is a one-time opportunity to say thanks to Barrie for all he has done for the Society. The planting will restore native bushland, offset carbon emissions, provide habitat to plants and animals native to the area.

Barrie was the Co-Founder of Men of the Trees WA and dedicated the latter half of his life to tree planting and preservation since his meeting with Richard St Barbe Baker in 1979. Under his leadership and guidance the organisation has planted over 13 million trees particularly on degraded lands.

Can you please help us achieve our funding goal of $60,000? We ask that you dig deep and give as generously as you can to help make this planting happen.

Let's do this and show our respect and appreciation for all Barrie has done for us.

About Men of the Trees

Men of the Trees in Western Australia is a not-for-profit, Incorporated Association, founded in 1979. It was part of a global vision plant trees and grow a world in which all people recognise the values of trees. The vision started in 1922 in Kenya through the work of the Kikuyu people and Richard St Barbe Baker. This vision spread around the world. The name Men of the Trees was a translation of Watu wa Miti. Whilst the translation was not entirely correct, Men of the Trees became the name that was adopted globally by many organisations wanting to carry out this great work.

Barrie Oldfield OAM played a significant part in founding and growth of the Western Australian Men of the Trees Society. Barrie was a film maker and his documentaries placed environmental conservation and tree planting on the world stage and helped foster local interest in the same. Other members took up the banner and became leaders in this field founding the Branches of MOTT, other environmental organisations and causes.


Since its foundation, Men of the Trees (MOTT) in Western Australia has planted more than 13 million seedlings to prevent the spread of deserts, erosion and salinity. Members, sponsors, donors, community and corporate volunteers have been part of making a difference in Western Australia. You too can be involved in this great work.

MOTT in Western Australia has five branches that support the creation of opportunity for people from all walks of life to contribute to the planting and aftercare of trees and understorey. These are:

  • Mott Central
  • Peel Branch
  • Rockingham Kwinana Nursery
  • Perth City Farm
  • St Barbe Grove Nursery

Men of The Trees is a Guinness World Record holder for planting 100,450 trees simultaneously. This was achieved through a community planting initiative that took place at Whiteman Park in July 2014.

This year, 2016, we will do a community planting in honour the great work that Barrie Oldfield achieved in his lifetime and the vision he promoted to revegetate degraded land and engender a love of trees.

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