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In 2007 Mercy Services adopted an Environmental Responsibility Policy. The Policy commits Mercy Services to improve our impact on the environment. Each year we conduct an audit to identify our major sources of emissions and track our progress. The 2015-16 report shows a 24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for each unit of service provided to clients. Most of our reductions so far have come from simple efficiency measures. Education of our staff, volunteers and clients about these measures is another way that we can empower them to reduce their energy use.

As a small charitable organisation we have limited means to invest in the equipment needed to reduce our emissions. We have established a fundraising pool to purchase emission reduction equipment and services. Energy efficient technologies are almost always more expensive than their wasteful alternatives. Although there are savings in the running costs, a larger amount of money is needed at the time of purchase. We also want to invest in energy generating options, such as photovoltaic panels at our offices and residential aged care facility. The great benefit of solar power is that it is generated during daylight hours which is when we use most energy. Electricity generated on weekends and public holidays will not be wasted as it is sold back to the electricity suppliers. The nature of our work requires us to travel to people's homes. This explains why our transport emissions are so high. We are keen to replace our cars and buses with lower emission vehicles.

Our Home Maintenance service also provides practical assistance to clients wanting to draught proof their home, switch to low energy use light globes, and replace energy guzzling fridges and hot water heaters.

Your donation helps us to become an energy efficient community service organisation and to assist some of society's poorest people make the change that will reduce their energy use and save them money.

How will the funds be used?

Funds will be used to replace existing equipment that has a high energy consumption rate and to offset some of our emissions through Greenfleet tree planting.





Key Areas of Expenditure

$20 pays for energy efficient light globes for low income clients
$57 pays for Greenfleet to offset a year's emission of one of our small cars
$150 pays for a contribution towards buying a more energy efficient computer
$500 pays for a contribution towards dollar solar panels on our offices

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.