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Merri Creek Management Committee Inc.

Merri Creek Birds - Bringing Them Home

Merri Creek Management Committee has a big job as the environmental coordinator of the Merri Creek habitat corridor.

This is why we ask you, as soeone who cares about Merri Creek, to give a tax-deductible donation to help this important work continue. Past donations have already played a vital role in helping restore Merri Creek.


This year we are raising funds to help preserve environments where native birds have made their homes and to create new habitats to attract birds back to Merri Creek. Native birds bring great pleasure to the many people who enjoy Merri Creek and are a vital part of its natural environment.

The local community has led efforts to bring back native plants and animals to much of the Merri Creek and to create habitat corridors along the creek and its tributaries. But much more needs to be done to provide and maintain safe and healthy habitat for birds along the length of Merri Creek.

Your donation will help in this work.

Thank you for your interest in the health of Merri Creek and its birds - they are our precious heritage.


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