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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

Mother's Day Covid Crisis Fundraiser 2020


Thank you for supporting CINI Australia's Fundraiser and the goal of $25,000 and more. This year we are raising funds to support CINI’s emergency response to the COVID crisis as well as the continuation of our important community development and HIV programs.

India’s COVID lockdown has added unimaginable difficulty for many who already struggle to survive. 

CINI’s courageous staff have raised a rapid response to Covid. They are providing essential food packages and soaps to families in the slums, the brick kilns and tea gardens.  Volunteers receive hygiene kits to keep them safe as they deliver both supplies and education. CINI is highly trusted by local communities and services and so they are able reach many of those in need with their emergency response. 

Hear about the work you are supporting through this appeal in  Jennie's Mother's Day talk 

Dr S. Jana (WA IndianDoc)'s "Visions of CINI" slide shows you the importance of CINI's Childrens' Sheters in Kolkata and Siliguri. They are considered essential services by the Government and remain open during the lockdown to provide safety for vulnerable children.

This week, we now hear that West Bengal and nearby states are facing a huge weather event with flooding and loss of homes. Even more hardship for families. CINI will once again respond to this emergency in the Bay of Bengal. They already have fantastic antenatal, early childhood and "Girls in Education" programs here and they assisted thousands of families in the last huge flood. 

Sunday 10th May we held our Mother's Day Celebration as an online event for CINI. The fundraising continues so we can reach our goal.  The Spectacular Indian Scarf Sale will continue.  These the beautiful scarves will keep you warm this winter. Make your choice from the slide show and contact CINI Australia if you woud like one:

The Foreign Correspondant episode, "The Biggest Lockdown" on 19th May shows the impact of COVID and India's lockdown for the poorest communitities.

Thank you for your generosity and support ... without you our programs would not be possible


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