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Meet Kara. She is a new mum who was looking forward to having a baby but the reality of motherhood is a far cry from her expectations. Most of the time Kara feels isolated, overwhelmed and completely inadequate as a mother. She longs for reassurance but her family live so far away, and besides - all the other mums she knows seem to be coping just fine…

What do we do?

MOPS Australia assists in the establishment of local Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) groups. These groups offer much-needed support, encouragement and teaching to mothers with young children.  MOPS gives mums a chance to build friendships, ask questions and share experiences in a safe and caring environment.  Every mum with children under school age is welcome at MOPS. Groups meet fortnightly during school terms.

MOPS meetings provide time out for mums so that they can be inspired and refreshed, while their children enjoy a separate program run by dedicated carers.  When mums take care of their own needs, they are more capable of taking care of the needs of their children and family.  At MOPS we really do believe that better mums make a better world!

What can you do?

MOPS Australia is a National body run entirely by volunteers, across all Australian states. We:

  • Establish and support groups by training leaders through Information Sessions, Leadership Training Events and Conferences.
  • Provide resources through our website and MOPShop.  

We require funding:

  • To meet the administration costs of a national organisation that provides positive input for mothers of young children.
  • To increase the number of groups through greater awareness of MOPS.
  • To better resource groups - including the special needs of ethnic and remote groups.
  • To provide better access to training materials via technology, culturally appropriate materials and one-on-one training visits.

Your donation will help us establish more groups to reach more mums and connect them with a mum community.

Kara is just one young mum desperate for connection, support and encouragement but there are thousands like her. Your donation to MOPS Australia will make a difference to many women during the critical early years of mothering.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.