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The Myrtleford Festival Inc.

The Myrtleford Festival

The Myrtleford Festival is a good*, old fashioned community celebration of everything that's good about rural life in Victoria's beautiful alpine region.

Every Labour Day long weekend, we present a huge range of events & activities, from bike rides & winery tour to markets, art shows and a giant street party. And of course there's a major parade! The Festival aims to bring locals and tourists together to enjoy 4 days of fun, relaxing and interesting activities in our lovely autumn sunshine.

Why should I Give?

The Festival is a not-for-profit event (we're all volunteers), and most activities are presented free. So the Festival can't happen without a lot of generous gifts & donations from organisations & kind individuals - like you!

Even a donation as low as $5.00 will assist in many ways:

  • Help us pay for the wonderful professional entertainers on our Street Party line-up
  • Go towards buying more stands for the Myrtleford Arts Prize
  • Allow us to advertise & promote the Festival more effectively
  • Contribute to many 'background' costs like insurance, security, electrician services, waste management and government fees
  • …and many other ways.
So your kindness as a donor will go a long way. It will be very appreciated by us and by everyone who flocks to Myrtleford on the next Labour Day long weekend.

How Much is Enough?

We're very happy to accept any donation, no matter what amount. Generosity makes us smile!

Will I be acknowledged for my gift?

Once you make a donation through our website, you'll receive a letter thanking you for your generosity. In addition, your gift will be acknowledged on the 'Donors & Sponsors' page of our website (if you prefer not to be listed on our website, you can let us know once you receive your 'thank you' letter).

Want more Information?

If you'd like to learn more about the Myrtleford Festival, check our website - . Or contact our Secretary (email: )

The Myrtleford Festival is on every March, over the Victorian Labour Day long weekend (second weekend in March). We look forward to your support to help us make it another great community event!

(* actually, we think it's great. And so have the thousands of people who enjoyed our last 53 Festivals!)

Contact Details

PO Box 229

(04) 1437 6965

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.