River's Gift

My Year Without Beer (and all other alcoholic beverages!)

I'm pledging to go without a drop of alcohol for the entire year in 2017. My hope is to set a better example to my children (and have more patience with them!), challenge social norms around alcohol in Australian culture & improve my overall mental and physical health.

Friends of mine lost their first child, River Jak, to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in late 2011. Amidst the grief of loss and heartache, they formed River's Gift in River's honour; pledging to raise vital funds for scientific SIDS research. To date, they've funded 2 Australian early career researchers to work with the world leading SIDS research team at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children's Hospital and are proud to be Australia's largest SIDS research funding organisation.

In embarking on my year without alcohol, my hope is to raise awareness and funding for River's Gift. This is where you can help!!! Please feel free to donate here at this page and you'll be helping me in my quest to make a positive impact in the world of vital SIDS research!!

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1300 748 443
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