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Rebuild Tawal Health Clinic

About the Tawal Health Clinic:
  • For over 15 years NAFA has supported a remote health clinic that services 4,000 people from four villages: Tawal, Kutal, Dushene, and Ladap.
  • With support from generous donors, NAFA has been able to train three health workers to run the health clinic and pay their on-going salaries - Beg Bahadur Tamang (the senior rural health worker who works full-time) and two women, Lila Maya Tamang & Sunita Tamang (who work part-time).
  • Sunita and Lila Maya have also completed further midwifery training. In 2014, Sunita completed an advanced course in midwifery and is now the most highly trained midwife in the Tawal area. Since the midwifery trained female health workers have been attending births, no baby or mother has died.
  • Beg undertook further training in pathology testing and NAFA supplied a microscope and other equipment needed to test blood, sputum, stool and urine, for a variety of diseases. Since receiving this training Beg has been successful in early detection and treatment of diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, cholera, typhoid, dysentery, urinary tract infections, STDs etc.
  • The health workers have been active in public health activities organized by NAFA such as two ear screening clinics and an eye screening clinic which serviced men, women and children from 13 villages in the area.
  • NAFA also pays for medicine, medical equipment and further training as funds allow.
Damage caused by the Earthquake:
  • The earthquake which struck Nepal on 25th April 2015 devastated infrastructure in Tawal and the surrounding villages.
  • The earthquake triggered a landslide which overtook the health clinic, collapsed walls and made it unsafe and uninhabitable.
  • Fortunately the microscope and pathology testing equipment were undamaged (as well as some medical supplies) and these were used to administer first aid to the injured.
  • The health workers were instrumental in saving lives but sadly more than seventy people died.
  • The health workers continue to serve the local community under the most difficult of circumstances.
How will your donation be used?
  • The health clinic is a very important and life-saving facility for Tawal and the surrounding villages and needs to be rebuilt along with the adjacent toilet block.
  • Costs to rebuild clinic and toilet block - approximately $40,000

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