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The Nangala Project

The Nangala Project is a not-for-profit initiative with a vision to create an environment for sustainable change to benefit children and youth in remote Indigenous communities. Our point of difference is that we are in, and of the community. We embed our support to make daily impact.

Children living in remote indigenous Australia are the nation's most vulnerable. On every measure of life and educational parity, they fall significantly short of their rural, regional and urban counterparts.

We provide physical, emotional and psychological tools to support improved wellbeing and strong protective relationships. Our strategic platform is designed to deliver positive outcomes for individuals and families. Nangala Project is a circuit breaker creating new ways for remote region Indigenous children to aspire to a different future.

The Nangala Project looks to change educational statistics by engaging children and families.We support connections, personal growth and talent through our two ground-breaking programs, Indi Kindi and John Moriarty Football.

Please read below to find out more about our programs:

Indi Kindi

Indi Kindi is an early literacy program for 0-5 year olds that supports families to improve the global learning readiness of children entering pre-school and school.Indi Kindi was founded at the request of senior Borroloola women who wanted better educational access for their grandchildren.

The program integrates a library-without-walls, best practice daily town camp early literacy sessions, and an embedded commitment to local staff development. We aim to provide the tools for families to change outcomes for their own children.

John Moriarty Football -

John Moriarty Football is a renowned best practice program for 2-16 year old boys and girls in remote Australia.At JMF, we bring children together through sport, promoting good health and wellbeing in some of the country's most remote regions. We support our talented young athletes to thrive and reach for their true potential to succeed at local, national and international levels of the game.

We aim to make a significant difference to school attendance and healthier lifestyles, with a belief that every child deserves a safe, protected start in life.


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