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The Social Enterprise Food Trailer, will get our award winning social-enterprise mobile, providing:

1) Training opportunities for communities from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, wanting to start their own food-business,

2) Opportunity for communities to trial their business ideas beyond the training period, via subsidised use of the vehicle,

3) Expansion of our #socent "Espresso Train Cafe and Catering" to events and festivals, creating additional employment opportunities for co-op members with a disability.

About the Campaign: 

Your support will employ a project worker to support groups of refuggee/asylum seekers and/or people with a disability through the process of trial and establisment of a food buisiness using our Social Enterprise Food Trailer. This is a great way to contribute directly toward the empowerment and people who are looking for a help up & not a hand out.

Why are we doing this?

Having a job and the income which comes from it, is crucial to people's well-being and belonging. People from refugee backgrounds and people with disabilities, face multiple barriers to employment. Any one barrier, such as a lack of experience, limited networks or English language proficiency might only be a temporary setback. Combined however, they can make it almost impossible to find work. The result is, that despite a person's skills and strong desire for work they remain long-term unemployed.

A Proven Model:

We have a successful track record of enabling people with disabilities and from asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds to gain meaningful employment. We believe this is due to how our training differs from traditional models. i.e. by: 

1. Providing flexible training that meets individual needs.
2. Providing people with real opportunities to take ownership of their situation (e.g. by trialing their own businesses).
3. Having an established relationship that provides ongoing assistance and walks the person's 'start-up journey' with them.

About us:

Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative was founded in 1998 on a wing and a prayer, because people with disabilities weren't getting jobs. 17 years later we're still at it - creating employment for twenty people with disabilities and running two businesses which turn over half a million dollars p.a. and derive 90% of their income from trade. We're sought after as mentor to other disadvantaged communities and have run a series of 'start-up' programs in 2015/16, which led to the launch of new businesses run by people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds including: Doostan Persian KitchenBanana Leaf Kitchen ; the Mountain Mowing Men from Bhutan & Hari's Mowing.

Our food trailer concept is an extension of this successful work for which we were finalists in the 2016 Australian Social Enterprise Awards!

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