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New Aussie survey reveals donor fatigue, brand loyalty and a preference for the local

New Aussie survey reveals donor fatigue, brand loyalty and a preference for the local

A majority of Australians are getting tired of being asked for donations, new research into perceptions of Australian charities has found.

The 2012 Australian Charity Perceptions Report by global research agency Millward Brown was launched in July 2012.

Based on a survey of 1000 Australians in November 2011, the report found:

  • 57% agree that there are too many charities for the same cause.
  • 60% say they are getting tired of being asked for donations.
  • Australians say they prefer to be loyal to a select few charities (though younger givers are slightly more “promiscuous” in their giving).
  • Transparency is important – 87% of Australian donors want to know how their donations are being spent.
  • 57% think charities should be run like a business.
  • 67% say they would prefer to support an Australian charity or not-for-profit than a global organisation.
  • Disaster relief, health and poverty prevention/relief are considered the three most important types of charities (64%, 61% and 52% respectively).
  • The Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the Cancer Council were nominated as the top three most trusted large/global charities.
  • Giving money (61%) and purchasing merchandise (50%) or products/services (45%) are the top ways Australians prefer to support charities and not-for-profit organisations. Volunteering is favoured by 31%, with less popular interactions including attending an event (28%), sponsoring a person/team (21%) and hosting an event/selling merchandise/being a participant (9%).
  • Those who give, give often: Donations are frequent throughout the year, with a third giving more than $100 over the past 12 months. Lack of available funds (“I can’t afford to donate money” – 53%) and scepticism (“I don’t believe the money will be used correctly” – 20%) hinder some.
  • Those who volunteer, volunteer often, but lack of time is the biggest barrier – 46% nominated this as a reason they had not volunteered over the past 12 months.
  • Food oriented events have the greatest appeal – 38% of those surveyed had attended one in the past 12 months, while 52% said they would be willing to attend this type of event.
“The current landscape has not only a huge array of charities and not-for-profits fighting for the same time and dollar, but also several overlapping for the same cause,” Millward Brown says.

“With Australians preferring to remain largely loyal to a select few charities, it’s integral to be on the radar.”