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Australian Staff Appeal

The 'Australian Staff Appeal' assists staff located in Australia to raise financial support towards their stipend which therefore enables them to perform their duties whilst working for New Hope International (NHI) within Australia.

How will the funds be used?

As NHI is a faith based ministry organisation, all staff associated with NHI, are required to raise their own financial support towards their stipends. The Australian staff of NHI, are paid fortnightly, an amount which equals what has been donated to NHI specifically for them via a regular pledged amount or by a one off payment. This appeal is to assist staff in receiving donations for this purpose and 100% of all funds raised through this appeal will go towards the costs associated with employing these Australian staff members.

Working in Australia and having to raise your own financial support in a challenging one, yet one that staff has taken on with great enthusiasm. Many Australians see missionary work as work that is done overseas, yet we know that the work of many Australians in Australia who assist those missionaries and programs in less developed countries, perform a very important role. Their role is one that enables these missionaries and programs to be supported, encourage, trained and empowered to do the work that is needed in the country that they have been placed in and without the Australian staff many of these overseas missionaries and programs would find it very difficult to continue on.

Please assist us in assisting the Australian staff members by blessing them financially in their roles within Australia.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Australian staff wages
Superannuation obligations
Workers compensation premiums

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.