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National Youth Choir of Australia

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What is Australia's best-kept choral secret? Answer - The National Youth Choir of Australia (NYCA).

NYCA was founded over twenty years ago to provide the opportunity for some of Australia's best young singers (aged 18 to 26) to develop their artistic skills and build networks for the basis of a career in music. While many Australian cities offer choirs, NYCA offers a level of excellence and professionalism bringing together like-minded young singers from all around Australia. NYCA exists to inspire and empower them to develop a commitment to music and to achieve the highest standards of vocal ensemble performance.

We approach each year with the same ambition, to create an experience for the participants that is transforming, exhilarating, challenging and in the end incredibly satisfying. It is a high ambition, and we are proud to say that it is not an empty statement. One measure of success in reaching this goal is the feedback we get from our singers. Another measure is the quality of the staff. A further demonstration is the number of alumni such as Henry Choo, Louise Prickett, Andrew Wailes, Joseph Twist, Michael Edwards, Philip Nicholls and Trevor Jones to name only a few who are making their mark as professionals in the world of music.

However, we work with very limited resources. A singer in the age range 18 - 26 generally no longer receives the financial support of family, does not yet have the financial independence of someone established in the work sector, and yet often has significant accommodation and education costs. To keep NYCA participation open to as many excellent singers as possible means that we must work hard to obtain as much financial assistance as is possible. One such way is through our ongoing fundraising program that is dependent on the support we receive from our supporters such as yourself.

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