Obesity Prevention Australia Inc

National Obesity Awareness Campaign

Obesity Prevention Australian Inc (OPA) is a non profit organisation that raises funds to fight the obesity epidemic across Australia.

We aim:

  • To empower all Australians with the knowledge, skills and habits needed to take ownership of their health and make smarter choices for the future.
  • To reduce the economic burden on our nation's health care system and to ensure our kids have a future free from sickness, chronic disease and premature death.
We believe "THE HABITS WE CREATE, DETERMINE OUR FUTURE", and are therefore completely committed to education, prevention and proactivity.

How will the funds be used?

To raise awareness across the nation, Obesity Prevention Australia will use funds to:

  • Run educational programs for the nation's children and youth within schools.
  • Up skill parents, teachers, and school communities with the knowledge needed to educate our next generation of adults.
  • Target and help sections of the community at an increased risk for developing chronic disease and obesity.
  • Encourage collaboration between Federal, State, local government, schools and community organisations to improve the healthy lifestyle knowledge and actions of all Australians.
  • To abolish sedentary behaviour amongst our children, and teach them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
  • Encourage new approaches in communities to the development and delivery of physical activity and healthy eating initiatives
  • Implement initiatives that increase the awareness of family fitness and the need to get active together
  • To offer specific health services for morbidly obese and obese patients

Key Areas of Expenditure

Healthy lifestyle development (fitness, nutrition, mental) programs for schools
Helping families and children from low socioeconomic areas increase their healthy lifestyle knowledge and actions
Kick start 4 health, comprehensive lifestyle development/correction programs that target at risk sectors of the population.

Contact Details

PO Box 981

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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