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Optin to Life Inc.

Optin- Perinatal Mental Health Startup Appeal

Our Vision

To re-connect the isolated and vulnerable via the power of community

Our Mission

To provide relief for community members who have developed, or are at risk of developing mental health issues, primarily anxiety and depression

Motherhood is exciting and rewarding... and challenging! Sometimes, the challenges can have life-threatening consequences.

Perinatal mental illness (including Postnatal Depression and Anxiety) is the leading cause of death for mothers in the first year of motherhood, and affects 1 in 5 mothers (over 7,000 mums per year in WA). We can break this cycle with a simple solution!

What can be done?

To reverse a trend towards social isolation and poor mental health, Optin empowers women to help each other and facilitates respite for 1-4 hours per week for every mum.

How does it work?

Optin connects mums and volunteers via an innovative online platform, who then meet up in person. Optin will:

  • Prevent perinatal mental illness
  • Assist with mild to moderate perinatal mental illness
  • Reduce isolation and build stronger communities
  • Create stronger, healthier, more resilient families with better outcomes for our children and partners

Optin is evidence based and available to everyone!

We need:

Donations from individuals and businesses, or Volunteer with Optin via our website.


Contact Details

PO Box 356

(04) 0011 1597

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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