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Community based health project, Buldana, Maharashtra, India

The purpose of CBHP is to improve infant and maternal health, reduce and control infectious diseases such as malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis, and provide basic curative services...

ICMDA Travelling Bursary fund

The ICMDA Travelling Bursary fund of HealthServe Australia is set up to help send representatives of developing countries to attend the 4 yearly ICMDA congress.

The Intermed Scholarship Project

The Intermed Scholarship Project provides funds to cover part of the cost of the Summer School and/or the 2 week overseas practicum...

ICMDA Leadership in Health and Development Initiative

ICMDA aims to support and publicize the most outstanding role models and champions acting to stop the global epidemic of HIV...

Yotkom Uganda project

HealthServe Australia are facilitating the training and continuing medical education of high quality, committed and compassionate health care professionals within Kitgum...

PICCSI (Pacific Island Cervical Cancer Screening Initiative)

Pilot program for the Pacific Islands, based in Fiji, to enable same-day screening and treatment for cervical cancer

PNG Health Care Manual for Health Workers

The PNG Health Care Manual for Health Workers is a project working with many PNG and Australian partners...

PRiME Australia

PRiME Australia (Partnerships in International Medical Education) makes trips to India, PNG and neighbouring countries...


This ALL PROJECTS APPEAL is for our biggest projects in Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, India, PNG & the Pacific Islands.

Muko Clinic

In the parish of Muko, in the far south-west corner of Uganda, people are getting behind the building of a Health Clinic...

Wedweil, South Sudan

Building a Healthcare Clinic in Wedweil, South Sudan

Indonesian Tsunami Emergency Program

Training Community Health Workers to manage healthcare after the Tsunami hit Indonesia 28 September 2018

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