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Pro Choice QLD: Our Choice, Our Voice


Pro Choice QLD is a collection of individuals and organisations campaigning for abortion law reform in Queensland.

We believe that all women have a right to safe and legal abortion.

Abortion remains in the Criminal Code in Queensland, in offences dating from 1899 which allow for the prosecution and jailing of women who have abortions or for doctors who provide them.

Pro Choice Qld is campaigning strongly to have these archaic laws overturned. It is time the Parliament acted to put the abortion decision where it belongs - in the hands of women and doctors, not politicians and police.

For more information on our campaign or on abortion law and access in Queensland, visit our website at

We are committed to achieving a law reform outcome for Queensland women that:

  • maximises their reproductive rights and freedoms;
  • fosters their dignity; and
  • respects their moral agency by putting the decision in their hands.

Your funds will be used to offset the cost of this campaign. Many of Pro Choice Qld's members are non-funded or volunteer organisations. Those which are funded, have no or very limited funds for political campaign purposes. The campaign depends on donations, and yours will help pay for postage, printing of resources and materials, awareness-raising and other vital campaign activities.

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