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The Pathways to Resilience Trust

Prevention of childood anxiety, depression & youth suicide


Our mission is to promote social and emotional learning and resilience in children, adolescents and families, and to assist in the prevention of anxiety, depression and youth suicide.  We do this through education, mental health promotion and advocacy.

We work in and with schools and communities on the implementation of social and emotional learning  and resilience programs.  Predominantly we work with people of low socio-economic status; culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including refugees; Indigenous heritage; in rural, regional and remote areas, including those affected by drought or natural disasters.

Our programs  are tailored reflect the needs of the participants and communities we service.  We aim to be accessible to those who need us.  We have an established delivery system for our services and training both online and face to face, and our knowledge of best practice in education see us best placed to deliver our work on both a small and large scale.

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