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Post conflict development in South Sudan

"Poverty is the worst form of violence" - Mahatma Gandhi.

In South Sudan, children are paying heavy price of conflicts that have gone on for decades, and are the most vulnerable citizens in a nation trying to rebuild.

Due to the war, many children in South Sudan are without parents, food, clothes, basic healthcare or shelter.

Mayom, aged 14 said "My father died during the war. I have seven brothers and sisters and my mother can't afford to feed us all. Because I am the eldest son I have to go and live in the marketplace and beg for food. Whatever I get, I take home to my mother."

To act immediately, Peace Palette built a shelter for the kids…The Nhomlau Children's Centre.

'Nhomlau' means freedom. The centre offers freedom from poverty.

Our Nhomlau Children's centre in Turalei, Warrap State, South Sudan provides a basic shelter with 1 kitchen, 2 latrines, and storage to cater for 120 street children in Turalei.
It currently provides 100 children with clean water and one meal a day, and implements the following educational activities;
  • Teaching 5 subjects that include English, Dinka culture, maths, science, and religion (registered as a local school)
  • Recreational and Creative activities including sports, drama, music, and poetry
Peace Palette is all about sustainable home-grown solutions. We work with people in Turalei, South Sudan to find ways of dealing with the aftermath of the Sudan civil war. We start with children who are the hope of the future in South Sudan.

We are appealing to raise $38,500

$36,000 to feed 200 children for the next six months
$2,500 to finish the construction of a Homeless Children's Centre
  • $ 30 feeds 1 child for one month
  • $150 provides food for 5 children for one month.
Your support will help the most vulnerable children in Turalei.
Please consider giving as all even a donation of $2 helps and all donations will go directly towards caring for the Children in Turalei, South Sudan.

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