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Pillars of Strength

Support for Bereaved Fathers who have lost babies or infants


You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

Losing a child at birth (or at any time) is one of the most painful and devastating experiences that someone can go through. Sadly, so many men, once excited at the prospect of being a dad (many for the first time), never get to experience “normal” childbirth. Some also never get to experience “normal” fatherhood at all. These men are part of a club that swells by over 3,000 new members each year through stillbirth, neonatal or infant loss alone. Modern society has conditioned men to conceal their emotions as a sign of strength but a grieving father feels the loss of a child just as keenly as the mother. Although men don’t express themselves as women do, it does not mean that we grieve any less.

Pillars of Strength provides respite and support to dads facing significant family trauma. It gives dads the opportunity to access events for a bit of “time out”.  We are building communities of dads who come together to enjoy activities that men undertake, reconnect with their existing networks and build new friends with similar experiences.  

It’s worth noting the provision of Pillars of Strength services is not intended to be a counseling service, rather a peer support service and provision of respite and assistance.

There’s more than one way for you to lend a hand. Every little bit counts and whatever you can do is truly appreciated.

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