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PNG Health Care Manual for Health Workers



CHWs are vital for providing primary health care to the people. They are a first point of contact for those who need healthcare, and in rural and remote areas they are often the only available source of medical assistance and health education for the community.

CHWs greatly value the Health Care Manual as a practical resource. The Health Care Manual has not been updated in 20 years, and is out‐of‐date, and out‐of‐print.

The HCM3 project commenced in 2015 and is led by the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea (BUPNG) and supported by its Project Management Team (Project Coordinator,
Commissioning Editor, Publishing Specialist and M&E Adviser).

Key stakeholders supporting the project have included the Church Partnership Program (CPP), Christian Health Services (CHS), National Department of Health (NDoH), and Australian
Government (DFAT).



To develop a fully revised and updated 3rd edition of the Health Care Manual (HCM3), based on current health care information and suitable for use by Community Health Workers (CHWs) to
meet PNG health standards.

To distribute 15,000 free copies of HCM3 to all CHW training schools and CHWs across PNG.

To build knowledge and skills of publishing processes for all involved in the project. A high priority has been to ensure local participation in PNG in health content development and
publishing processes, and the success of this was validated by the 2017 project evaluation.

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