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Point to Pinnacle - the Andrew Shaw Shufflers

The Point to Pinnacle is billed as the world's toughest half marathon.  Pretty much every step of the 21.4 km course, with 1 270 m elevation, is upward until you get to the top of Mt Wellington!

With only 3 months to prepare, physically and mentally, for their challenge, the team - Tracey, Sielito, Sarah, John and Charly vacillate between excitement and terror.  They are going to need every dollar of your support for the ASF to urge them up that mountain!

The Andrew Shaw Foundation supports the dignity and quality of life of Tasmanians affected by HIV.  When you sponsor the Andrew Shaw Shufflers, you support people whose stories may be that of this client:

"After my diagnosis 6 years ago, I spoke to nobody.  It was a heavy burden to carry alone - the mental health impact was enormous.  Seeking support online, I discovered tasCAHRD.  When I spoke to their support worker I broke down.  It felt like I'd been carrying a deep, dark secret."

"When I finally had the courage to join their coffee group, I didn't realise the power it would have.  I felt welcomed, started to understand what was normal, connected with others facing the same issues.  Now I meet new members who feel the way I did, and I can support them."

One third of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Tasmania live below the poverty line.  Many are socially isolated.  Reported transmissions in Tasmania are on the rise and requests for support via the Foundation are increasing.  The ASF is the only emergency relief program for people with HIV and their carers in Tasmania, and is supported purely by donations.

Help Tasmanians living with HIV to climb the mountains in their lives. Every day. 

The Andrew Shaw Shufflers!

Charly Clare
Sometimes in fundraising you have to jump in boots and all! I have seen firsthand the value of our work. Climbing this mountain is nothing compared to the challenges faced by people living with HIV every day. I have scaled numerous peaks in my own life, physically and metaphorically, and am honoured to pull my boots on for this cause.

Sarah Lenehan
I am passionate about what we do here at TasCAHRD and I am putting my money (read my legs and your money) where my mouth is! Knowing that I can raise money that will go directly to people in need through a Tasmanian organisation is so motivating to me, plus I love a goal and this one is a huge one!

Tracey Wing
On this my 3rd time in the Point to Pinnacle, one thing has never been clearer. The challenge of making it to the top of Mt Wellington is nothing compared to the challenges of stigma and discrimination faced by Tasmanians living with HIV. That's the reason I'm walking - let's bring HIV out of the shadows.

John McDonald
I am lucky to lead a fortunate life. Others are not. HIV is a debilitating disease, physically and socially. The Andrew Shaw Foundation can and does help, significantly, with financial assistance to those in need (supported by counselling care from TasCAHRD). People with HIV have to climb mountains each day to get out and survive; we can climb a mountain once a year to raise funds to help. "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth" - Muhammed Ali.

The Point to Pinnacle is a great way to personally challenge myself, but this time around it's great to be part of a walking team that is raising awareness on HIV issues. Tasmanians living with HIV can experience a lot of unfair hardships, and I'm pleased to be given the opportunity to help raise money for the Andrew Shaw Foundation.

This year will be my second Point to Pinnacle. Last year I aimed to get the top and this year I will do that, and also hope to raise funds for the Andrew Shaw Foundation. Please give to this charity, to help those in Tasmania affected by HIV. Let's create awareness so we can support them in their lives.

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