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South East Community Links

Proud and Resilient Young People


South East Community Links works closely to support young people and their families.  Our diverse range of youth focussed programs engage young people with tailored coaching to develop and nurture their SELF ESTEEM and RESILIENCE and connect them to activities that lead to social and economic mobility.

Our youth programs include casework, community development, housing support, homework support, learner driver mentoring programs, school re-engagement and intensive support for young people transitioning to independent housing from state supported care.

Below is a list of items our young people most frequently need support with. YOUR DONATION could help a young person with any of these items or please feel free to make a donation of your choice.

$50         Youth leadership training

$100       Text book & stationery support for a school student

$100       School uniform for a student

$250       Texas Graphics Scientific calculator     

$300       Sporting club membership

$600       Student school laptop

 $___       Your choice of donation


EVERY PERSON COUNTS and every dollar will go towards helping a young person achieve their goals.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.