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what are you funding:

as a society there are so many issues we need to respond to. climate change, surviellance technology, corporate greed, political apathy, gender inequality, economic divides and many more.

one inventive way to break the cycle, and make a difference, is to fund some rapid response tactical art. 

pvi collective are professional disrupters, artivists and space invaders. your contribution will empower us to create small, timely artworks that provoke change.


who we are:

founded by artistic directors kelli mccluskey and steve bull, pvi collective has been creating work since 1998. we are a collective of seven - with two additional lead artists, a producer, a business manager, and a company coordinator. 


what we do:

our subversive and experimental works invite audiences to become active participants exploring difficult subject matter within immersive, intimate encounters in crowded streets. together we seek out alternative solutions for an unstable future. we are a tactical media art group, using appropriated games, emerging and familiar technology and diy tools.

we think about audiences not as art consumers, but as our creative comrades.

we’re very much in it together, aiming to save the world through creative play and revolutionary fun. 

we are at the forefront of participatory practice in australia and have built a strong reputation for our guerrilla-style tactical interventions.


we are ambitious:

every artwork aims to effect audiences on a personal and political level and is geared towards instigating tiny revolutions. we seek out provocative darkly humorous solutions for an unstable 21st century.


we are with the people: 

our work is situated in public space and operates from the participatory perspective of the audience. through provocations and immersive experiences, we encourage them to have a strong sense of agency. we use play and interventions to explore the social dynamics of cities.

we create intimate encounters in crowded streets, activate sites and remind our audiences that they have a right to question and influence social strategy.


we are experts in our field:

pvi collectives’ work is taught in undergraduate courses around the country. we lecture, mentor and provide peer support to emerging artists and groups on a national and international level.  we regularly present on arts panels, symposiums and critical forums in australia and internationally. pvi core artists have co-curated festivals and featured in national and international art publications, tv interviews and critical research publications.

nationally and internationally there is a trend towards the participatory work that we are producing and we are becoming more visible in europe due to attendance networking events, festivals and recent tours.


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