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Queensland Positive Speakers Bureau (QPSB)


Why are you collecting funds?

The Queensland Positive Speakers Bureau (QPSB) is a not for profit collaborative partnership between Queensland Positive People, Hepatitis Queensland, University of Queensland HIV/HCV Education Projects and Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland. It offers a unique and powerful resource to educators and audiences across all sectors throughout Queensland. By engaging people living with HIV and/or chronic viral hepatitis to share their experiences publically, the QPSB aims to raise awareness to prevent the future spread of the viruses while reducing associated discrimination and stigma. Additionally, the QPSB focuses on creating innovative training programs and a supportive mentoring network for its speakers.

Whilst so many people in the world are devoting their time, money and skills into helping those living with HIV and hepatitis in other countries, we believe that it is important to start doing the hard work at home. With over 20,950 people living with diagnosed HIV in 2010 in Australia and 379,000 people in Australia living with chronic hepatitis B or C, there is a great need to start the education locally. As they say: 'Start locally, think globally'.

How will the funds be used?

The QPSB is an expanding organisation, with new speaking engagements, speakers and staff members joining the exciting program.

The Bureau provides professional development opportunities, skill development and extensive public speaking training for people living with HIV and/or chronic viral Hepatitis. As a part of the program, the speakers receive comprehensive networking and support opportunities, acknowledgement of their professional skills by way of remuneration for speaking engagements and the opportunity to help raise awareness and truly make a difference.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that QPSB presentations form a regular component to educational programs within such places as secondary schools, tertiary institutions, medical and healthcare professional organisations and various other professional in-service training. With more stories being told, more myths dispelled, more understanding of the issues and its prevention, the spread of HIV and hepatitis B and C can be reduced and people living with the viruses can be more accepted within the wider community.

Key areas of expenditure for funds donated:

  • Training and recruitment of speakers
  • Ongoing peer support and professional development opportunities for speakers
  • Acknowledgement of speakers' professional expertise by way of remuneration for presentations
  • Organisational support and growth

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.