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Soft release enclosure for Raye


Raye came into care in June 2021, weighing only 7kg's and suffering from such severe mange that she was barely conscious.

Over the next few months she slowly healed, gained a little strength each day and fought to live. She started picking up the weight she lost from suffering so badly from sarcoptic mange - she lost nearly half her body weight. When she was weaned of wombat formula, and bigger and stronger, she started living outside more, using her burrow and wombat shed.

But she deserves a life in the bush as a wild wombat, where she can hopefully have her own joeys one day.

Releasing wombats that were in care is difficult and problematic because they get attached to humans as their lives depended so much on us.

I am slowly retraining her to be wild, to have less interaction with humans and to be more independent. But being put back in the bush will still be a big shock for her. So I would like to give her the best chance and the smoothest transition possible. This will be done with a soft release enclosure that will be assembled at the release site, surrounding a suitable burrow and some trees for shade (the picture is just an example, not the real release site).

While she lives in this enclosure, she will be safe and contained, still being fed by me but she will have the opportunity to get accustomed to the smells and sounds of the environment she will live in. She will smell and hear other wombats who may come up to the enclosure to see who the newcomer is. When she has adjusted, and is ready, we will open the gate and she will be free to come and go as she pleases.

This is her best chance, but it's extremely costly to build.  The total cost of acquiring a proper release pen that I can use for Raye, possibly Jemma and those who will no doubt follow in their footsteps, is $6,000.

Please consider supporting us with a small donation to enable us to set up this soft release pen for Raye. When she reaches approximately 25kg's and is mentally ready for release, we would like to be ready to go. We're currently scouting for suitable release sites that have a small population of wombats, free of mange, not near busy roads or farms and the right habitat for a wombat. The only thing outstanding is to get her release pen built, assembled and installed on site.

Many thanks for supporting us supporting Raye

Yolandi Vermaak

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