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Reading Out of Poverty Inc

Early Literacy Program for Disadvantaged Children


Teach a child to read and help break the cycle of poverty.

Reading Out Of Poverty is a non-profit charity organisation focused on developing the early literacy skills of Victoria's most disadvantaged children, so that they have a chance to reach their full potential.

The first 5 years of life offer a crucial window for learning. It's when the brain develops most rapidly and learning and development is at its highest level. But many children from low-income or disadvantaged backgrounds are not read to during these early years, and ownership of books within these families is sadly quite low.

This limited exposure to literacy means that many of these children are starting school without the basic reading and language skills required. This early set back can have a ripple effect as they continue their education - and beyond, as they enter society as adults.

Through the donation of $80, we're able to provide these children with 3 or 4 books of their very own, plus ongoing reading support.

We train and equip teams of volunteers to go out into the community to promote a love for and habit of reading, with programs including:

  • Pop-up libraries
  • Read aloud programs
  • Book giving
  • Hospital and medical centre project
  • Parent mentoring
  • Community support
  • Awareness and advocacy
  • Christmas book giving program
  • Indigenous Literacy Initiative

Kids don't get an equal start in life. But through literacy, we can help level the playing field. Help us do it by donating today.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.