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Read Victoria

Read Victoria


Meet Zac. Zac is 15. Zac learnt to read — last year. Before he got the help he needed, he was angry and miserable, about to be expelled from school and believed he was no good. Now he has decided to stay on at school and hasn't been in any trouble for a whole term!

There are many thousands of others like Zac, leaving school every year unable to read well enough to manage daily life, with terrible consequences.

We can help each one of them and change their lives forever.

But we need your help.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that trains and supports volunteer reading coaches to provide highly effective, supportive, one-to-one reading teaching for all ages using a structured, evidence-based program.

We provide information, education and advocacy for effective reading teaching for all.

We have just begun and already the program is taking a lot of organising. We are coordinating volunteers, learners, resources and host agencies, such as schools and community houses. We have a great deal of information and many stories to share. 

We need to build a website and communication process to keep everyone informed and in contact, from coordinators and reading coaches to students, parents and prospective students. 

And this is where you come in...any contribution will help. If we get more than we need to build the website we will use the rest of the money to train and support more reading coaches to change more lives.

Between us we can make a real and lasting impact - one life at a time.

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