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Empowering Parents of Prems


ReadyStepGrow is a 'world first' organisation empowering parents to give their preterm children the best start.

Every year 25,000 children in Australia are born preterm and many go on to experience life-long challenges. The good news is, many of these challenges can be overcome, if action is taken early. ReadyStepGrow believe the biggest differences can be made through parent education. ReadyStepGrow 'empowers' parents with the skills and guidance needed to enrich, nurture and provide stable environments in the earliest years.

One of our parents explains it best:

Before starting the program...
"I am most excited about your program & believe this project will make a huge difference to parents with preterm babies well into the future! I was thrilled to hear about this new venture, and the potential of making a big difference in the lives of so many! I believe this [program] will provide our son with the missing link I have been seeking for quite some time now!"
And after completing 12 months…
"Thank you for an incredible 12 months - RSG was the best decision I have ever made!!! Kristian is now a confident, strong, and thriving little boy with improved cognitive, fine motor and working memory as a result of your incredible, selfless, dedicated work. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts!"

Simone, Stewart, Kristian and Alika

You can help us to continue our work with families like Simone and Stewart and grow the number of preterm children we can help simply by donating.

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